An inspired business of engaged creativity.

If you love beautiful design, have a passion for art and creativity, then we are kindred spirits.

Formally trained in advertising and design, my work includes photography, graphic design as well as graphic art, fine art, art direction, identity design, publications, exhibitions, type design, signage, packaging, and digital art. I have built a reputation as an extremely creative and sought-after collaborator through my work with like-minded companies, galleries, institutions and individuals, and I work with a conceptual rigor that ensures each design is relevant, meaningful and original.

So what is Tin?

Tin [Tn]: is a low-melting, stable yet malleable, ductile metallic creative company comprised of various creative alloys. Tin is excellent for protecting and preserving brands as well as creating and packaging new ones. Because tin is comprised of a variety of different elements, Tin can be worked with seamlessly across numerous disciplines to create anything beautiful that people will relate to.

But you’ll really remember us as the element of surprise, and the element of style.