Say hello
to our alter ego.

At Tin we also bring together strategic thinking and creative excellence to empower brands, businesses, services and people through clever, appropriate and inspiring communication.
In a nutshell, we define, design and deliver strategic and creative solutions for B2C and B2B communications needs. We are a business very much engaged in creativity for our clients
and ourselves.

We are a unique studio where ideas, colour, imagination, and a whole lot of playfulness breathes and grows alongside marsh wild flowers and majestic old maples.

Tucked away in the small historic town of Sackville New Brunswick Canada, we are a professional marketing and design company with over 20 years experience in all forms of advertising, design, photography and illustration.

If you are looking for that unique style of company that always insists on being a better business partner with its clients daily, then contact Shane McDonald to discuss your specific needs no matter how large, medium or small. We are always at your service.